Thursday, May 28, 2009

Neptune Oyster Bar

Neptune Oyster Bar at 63 Salem Street has the sweet luxury of being one street away from the popular and very tourist area of the North End.  Its amazing what one street can do, our party of four felt instantly welcomed and part of the neighborhood.  Neptune does not officially take reservations, but thanks to our hotel staff we were able to hold a table for our first visit.  But even if we had to wait, it would have been worth it.  Customers and staff alike held an obvious passion for food.  Always on the lookout for scallops, I had their perfectly pan seared scallops with a fresh pea puree and couscous lightly touched with truffle oil.  There was also a sample of east and west coast oysters enjoyed, and according to my friend Deb, they were the best oysters she's ever had.  I tried one and it tasted like the ocean, and although this is not my taste I understand its a good sign for oysters.

There are many more dishes to try at this restaurant and the specials (seared tuna, fresh crabs, fried oysters) seem to endlessly rotate.  But most impressive is the passion for fresh seafood and great service.  You are guaranteed a food experience with every visit.


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