Thursday, May 28, 2009


In keeping with the small and passionate trend of eateries in Boston, Figs at 42 Charles Street is a delicious place for thin inventive pizza cooked in a brick oven.  With my friend Suzanne, we did a 1/2 & 1/2 order, a perfect deal for us as our tastes are quite different.  Her half was figs and prosciutto - rich, sweet and savory.  My half was caramelized onions, country ham and thinly shaved slices of asparagus - pretty much my dream combination.  We made the mistake of ordering the crispy asparagus appetizer as well (asparagus crisply fried in breadcrumbs) and pretty much ate ourselves into a lovely stupor.  A single pizza is far more than even two very hungry people could eat, but again so worth it.  My only complaint is the wonderful brick oven is directly next to their small bar where the red wine is stored.  There is no way this can be good for the wine and I found myself ordering a glass of white.


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