Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Rationale

For some reason everything I wrote was showing up in Hindi. Glad I fixed that problem.

What's the point of writing about food in New York? Aren't there a bunch of other people doing it, people with more time and experience and probably a lot more money, people who have seen and tried everything and who can give you their sage advice? Of course, but that's exactly my point- I am not those people. What I can do is give you the perspective of a normal person, with a normal schedule and a normal income, who just happens to really like food. And I have enough perspective that i think I can provide an informed opinion. And if I don't, then tell me- this is the internet, after all, so you're free to spray profanity and I'll never be able to track you down and put a spike through your heart. So no worries.

From now on I plan to post my opinions, with a bit of explanation for each, about places I find in New York City. In the meantime, here's a quick list of places I've tried and enjoyed so far but haven't reviewed in any detail:

Flatiron/Gramercy district:

-Georgio's of Gramercy, on 21st between Broadway and Park. Cozy, unpretentious, very good reliable Italian. The bartender, Chris, makes a mean $5 white russian during happy hour, 6-7pm weeknights.

-Gramercy Tavern, obviously. Classic and great, and it makes me think of those wonderful Napa-inspired restaurants in California, such as Oliveto in Oakland. Sit in the front ("tavern") area. You can't afford the back (the "restaurant"). And even if you can, considering it's the same kitchen, I can't imagine it's that much different.

-Eleven Madison Park, on Madison Square Park. Soaring 1920's spaces and very refined food at a very high price. Creative franco-American cooking with such delights as a foie-gras macaron amuse-bouche with black truffles, and confit of suckling pig. Sublime- as long as someone else is paying.


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