Friday, July 07, 2006

Manifesto of the Hungry Three.

Gentle Readers,

Welcome to kitchen541, the brand-new chronicle of the adventures in our humble kitchen. We are not chefs, we just like to eat. And what better way to eat than to cook?

Above all, we are hungry. Order, continuity, and common sense are frequently thrown to the wind for the sake of immediate satisfaction. Satisfaction of whatever food urge rules the moment. Anything could provide inspiration: a cookbook, that sketchy Indian place I just drove past, La Taquiza near USC, or, quite frequently, Julia Child.

We intend to share with you, dear friends, our experiences, observations, and lessons learned in the kitchen. We'll talk about recipes, cookbooks, inspirations, beverages, restaurants, travels, and anything else pertaining to the stove, oven, grill, 11-inch chef's knife, decanter, or what-have-you. If it's interesting, useful, entertaining, or asinine (or all four), you might find it here.

There are no rules. We make what we make, whenever we feel like it, and it's usually pretty good. That is the glory of kitchen541.

Coming up first: A quick guide to past (pre-blog) meals of K541. Naz drave!


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